About Us

Proven experience in software, research, and startups

At Code Clear Labs, leading the commercialization of your software proof-of-concept is what we do. Our wholistic approach, informed by our experience as scientists, engineers, founders, and industry contributors at both startups and enterprise companies, is what sets us apart.

Our name originates from hospitals, reflecting our experience in developing clinical software. In that setting, a “code red” means fire, “code blue” calls for immediate medical attention, while “code clear“ announces the end of the emergency.

The Team

We are a team of experts (distributed across Ontario, Canada), eager to help you realize your commercialization goals.

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Software and biomedical engineer. Medical imaging and clinical user interface expert. Led development of software for intraoperative imaging, radiotherapy QA, and more used in 1000+ hospitals. Co-founder (ClearVoxel, VidHug).

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Software engineer. AR/VR and computer vision expert. Affinity for all things 3D (visualization, printing, etc). Developed immersive training simulations for nuclear power, medical, and aerospace applications. Co-founder (EmmaRye).

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Expert in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and medical device development. Highly-ranked and award winning data scientist. Entrepreneur in AI and medical domains.

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Software engineer with research expertise in computer vision, machine learning, and clinical systems integration. Track record of guiding prototypes and academic research projects through commercialization.